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Verified Talent

Aspiring front-end developer and data analyst
Email Verified Identity Verified Malebo Moleleki

Aspiring front-end developer and data analyst

Graphic Designer
Email Verified Identity Verified Khumo Sehume

Graphic Designer

Digital Transformation Enthusiast.
Email Verified Identity Verified Milton Mkhweli

Digital Transformation Enthusiast.

Uploaded Projects

Why Jobbly?

The ultimate goal of Jobbly is to create a credible platform where a community of verified talent (skilled workforce) can offer their expertise, on-demand, to clients who are in-demand for talent to work on their projects.

Over time, we are going to recruit potential graduates, upskill them via DigiPreneurship and get them certified. The verified talent will be able to volunteer their services in exchange for experiential learning hours that they can use as evidence to meet the requisite hours to earn a DigiPreneurship certificate.

“I started Jobbly as a platform where my network of contacts, family, clients and professional associates can advertise different services and skills that they have to offer as a way to generate income through short-term projects. 
Eventually… I want companies appoint Jobbly to manage some of their big projects . The Jobbly workforce and verified talent community will benefit by bidding for the work. We’ll then select the best work and present it to the clients. Once the client is happy, they will contract the winner of the bid directly or we can still carry out the project with the talent contracted as one of the people to deliver.” – T.S, Founder.

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